Bagley Central is betting on being a neighborhood bar

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News
Exterior of the forthcoming Bagley Central bar

A new bar, Bagley Central, is coming to Hubbard-Richard neighborhood

Located where Our/Detroit vodka distillery and tasting room used to be, the new casual spot is billing itself as a shot-and-a-beer corner bar. 

Bartender and owner Mike Ketelhut, who has nearly 20 years of bar experience that includes a recent stint at the nearby Green Dot Stables, describes it as a punk rock cocktail lounge. 

"We’re going to try to curate a mix of punk, glam, new wave, power pop, and rhythm and blues," he said. "We’re also forming a nice pool of DJs to cover all the genres that we love."

"With all that in mind, I'd still like to think of us as having a growing identity as the years go by," he said. "With all the big money buzz going on in this area, I'd like to think of us as betting on the neighborhood and on Detroit more than betting on incoming business." 

Ketelhut, who has also worked at Motor Lounge in Hamtramck and Delux Lounge in Greektown, said there's no kitchen at Bagley Central but he's open to hosting pop-up chefs and they'll also serve bar snacks. All the stills and other equipment from the 1,200-square-foot building's days as a distillery are gone; this will be a regular bar. 

Bagley Central, 2545 Bagley in Detroit, is "opening soon," but no official date is set. Ketelhut says it will likely debut after neighboring restaurant Peso opens.

Located in the former Fist of Curry location (2547 Bagley) Peso will specialize Mexican craft cocktails and food and is planning to open in early March.

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