Detroit Hustles Harder returns to first-floor storefront

Candice Williams
The Detroit News

Detroit Hustles Harder has returned to a first-floor storefront in Eastern Market.

The popular clothing brand opened in a fully renovated space at 1353 Division St. earlier this month and will host a grand opening Saturday.

Detroit Hustles Harder has returned to a first-floor storefront in Eastern Market at 1353 Division St.

The company, also known as Division Street Boutique, started on the first floor of the building in 2008. It moved to the second floor five years ago when a subleasing agreement ended.

After working out details with building owner Firm Real Estate, the business signed an agreement earlier this month to move to the first floor.

“We’re expecting a lot more foot traffic,” said Brendan Blumentritt, co-owner of Detroit Hustles Harder. “People don’t have to make the commitment of going up the stairs… around the Eastern Market there’s a lot of families, a lot of strollers, a lot of wagons. It made it difficult for people especially on Saturdays to make it up to us.”

Detroit Hustles Harder has been printing and selling merchandise for 12 years featuring Detroit-branded products including outerwear and accessories. It also displays the work of grassroots artists.

Blumentritt and co-owner Joseph O’Grady began selling T-shirts on the bridge over Interstate 75 on Saturdays and were given the opportunity to open a storefront on Division Street.

Blumentritt said they like the blue-collar, hustle-and-bustle vibe of Eastern Market. Although there were some challenges of operating the store on the second floor, they didn’t want to leave the area.

“That’s where we started and we have our roots there,” Blumentritt said. “The culture and everything that surrounding the Eastern Market it fit our brand. We’re comfortable there… We’ve grown our roots there so we didn’t want to leave.”

Detroit Hustles Harder was one of the first retail brands in Eastern Market when it started 12 years ago. Since that time O’Grady said the shed renovations and enhancements along Russell Street and the parking lots have helped the market grow.

“We’ve seen the market go from nothing to being vibrant, and people down there every day walking around on their lunch breaks,” he said.

While Eastern Market is mostly about food, it celebrates a variety of businesses that makes things, said Dan Carmody, president of  Eastern Market Corp.

“Detroit Hustles Harder is one of those early businesses that brought a lot of creative energy to Eastern Market,” he said. “We’re delighted they’ve decided to stick around and be a part of the fabric of Eastern Market.

The grand opening Saturday is open to the public and will include a food pop-up, a DJ, a promotional sale and activities.

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