SpaceLab Detroit opens a second co-working space

Candice Williams
The Detroit News

Orletta Caldwell runs a nonprofit consulting business from her west-side Detroit home and often drives to meet with clients at co-working spaces in downtown and midtown.

Caldwell now has another option with SpaceLab 7Mile, a co-working space housed inside Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing at 12908 W. Seven Mile, near Outer Drive West.

Dr. Theresa Edwards, chief operations officer for  Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing, shows off one of many office and meeting areas at the SpaceLab 7Mile co-working space.

“I can literally walk over here…” she said. “Even when you’re working from home, you need to separate from your space.”

SpaceLab Detroit and Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing celebrated Friday the collaboration aimed to serve business owners, designers, property owners and builders.

This is the second location for the operators of SpaceLab Detroit. The first opened in June 2017 at 607 Shelby in downtown Detroit’s Financial District.

“We started out downtown, but we always knew we wanted to be in a neighborhood location,” said Karen A.D. Burton, co-founder and CEO of SpaceLab Detroit.

SpaceLab Detroit’s membership is largely contractors, architects and interior designers.

Burton teamed up with Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing owner Terry Davis, who said he wanted to reach a larger audience by offering his space to small business owners who needed a place to work during the day.

Dr. Theresa Edwards, chief operations officer for Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing, answers a call at the office and meeting area at the SpaceLab 7Mile co-working space.

The co-working space at SpaceLab 7Mile includes large tables with open seating, offices and a conference room. It sits amid Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing’s commercial and retail showroom display of custom cabinetry, countertops and plumbing fixtures.

“People are renovating their houses here, fixing up their commercial spaces and Terry has all the amenities, all the products that they need for most of that build-out, so we thought it would be a great fit for us to partner,” Burton said.

Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available for the co-working space, For example, a daily pass is $10 and includes the ability to work at open seating with free beverages. A monthly pass that also includes three hours of meeting-room time each month costs $99. Office rental ranges from $99 daily to $325 monthly for a front office. Mailbox services will be available.

Among the first to use the space was the Michigan Minority Contractors Association, which holds monthly meetings in the conference room. The group previously met at 300 River Place in the city’s Rivertown-Warehouse District.

Deon Harper, quality control, Detroit Cabinet Manufacturing, enters the co-working space that houses the cabinet company and the SpaceLab 7Mile co-working space.

“It’s real relaxed here,” said Jason A. Cole, former executive director of the Michigan Minority Contractors Association.

Caldwell, a board member for Community Development Advocates of Detroit, said she’s glad to have another amenity in the area.

“I’m excited,” she said. “I’m glad we’re starting to get some traction in the neighborhood.”

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