Dan Gilbert returns to Michigan from Chicago rehab center

Breana Noble
The Detroit News

Billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert has returned to Michigan after spending the past two months at an out-of-state rehabilitation center following a stroke, Quicken Loans CEO Jay Farner said in a statement Tuesday.

"On Friday, Dan Gilbert returned to Detroit to continue his rehabilitation locally," Farner wrote. "We are extremely thankful for all of the skilled medical professionals who have played a significant role in Dan's recovery and are glad to have him back home."

The chairman and founder of the Detroit-based home mortgage lender returned Friday to the state, after recovering at the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute from a May 26 stroke, a company spokesman said. He is not back to work, and it was unclear if he was home in Franklin or at another inpatient center.

"While Dan focuses on his energy on the rehabilitation process, our teams across the family of companies will continue to execute at a high level, serving and supporting our clients and team members," Farner said.

Detroit businessman Dan Gilbert has returned to Michigan after spending the past two months at a Chicago rehabilitation center following a stroke.

Gilbert, who has invested millions into the comeback of downtown Detroit, went to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak on May 25 because he was feeling poorly. He had a stroke while at the hospital early the following morning.

He had a catheter-based procedure and was put into an intensive care unit. Twenty-four days after the stroke, Gilbert was discharged June 19 to inpatient rehab. Earlier this month, a video of Gilbert was sent to employees at Quicken, real estate firm Bedrock and other affiliated companies in which he thanked them for their support and continuing work.

"Whatever you're doing is great," Gilbert told his employees. "It's going much better since I left a few weeks back, I noticed."

Inpatient rehabilitation for several weeks is typical following a severe stroke, according to doctors who have not treated Gilbert. A majority of a patient's recovery occurs within three to six months, though ongoing recovery can occur through the first year following the stroke.

A stroke can happen when a large clot blocks blood supply to the brain. Brain cells begin to die because of the lack of oxygen and can lead to brain damage, disability or death. Symptoms of stroke can include difficulties with speaking, walking, seeing, paralysis on one side of the body or a sudden headache.

Strokes are the fifth-leading cause of death in the United States and can result in serious disability in adults. Risk factors include high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity and age.

Part of Detroit's turnaround has been credited to Gilbert's investment in the city's central business district. Bedrock and its affiliates have invested and committed more than $5.6 billion in its efforts to help revitalize Detroit.

Gilbert moved his employees from Livonia and other suburbs to a Detroit headquarters starting in 2010. Now, Gilbert's Rock Family of Companies employs 17,000 people downtown.