Car Radio, Podcast 15, Parts 1/2: COVID robots, Caddy Blackwing, Mayor of Hell, Mustang bday, iRacing, GT500

Henry Payne
The Detroit News

Car Radio with Henry Payne

910 AM WFDF Detroit, April 18, 2020

Farrah Harris, producer

Interview Schedule

00 min: Payne intro

05-20 min: Ram Rasuvedan, co-founder Refraction AI. Talking about robot food delivery in Ann Arbor, robotics in time of COVID

20: Ad break

20-40: Todd Lassa, Detroit Bureau Chief, Automobile. Talking Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing, great concepts.

40-55: Mayor of Hell, MI John Colone. Talking about talking about life in Hell, the best roads in MI. 

55: Ad break

1.00-1.20: Ted Ryan, Ford historian. Talking Mustang 56th birthday. 

1.20: Ad break

1.20-1.36: Steven Cole Smith, Autoweek motorsports writer. 

1.36-1.53: Jim Owens, Ford Performance Mkting Chief. Talking about Ford Mustang GT500.

1.55: Payne close