Meijer warns customers to check their accounts for excess charges

The Detroit News

Customers who shopped at a Meijer store over the weekend should check their bank statements to ensure they weren't overcharged.

The grocery store chain says it has been plagued by payment processing problems for a couple of weeks. The problems have ranged from being unable to use a credit card to pay for items to debit card errors that sometimes process duplicate transactions in the same amount. 

While the credit card problems have been resolved, the company says, the debit card errors continued over the weekend. Some customers reported being charged multiple times.

The company advises that those who believe they were charged in error should contact their financial institution, which should quickly resolve the problem, though it may take a bit of time for the refunded money to be restored to their accounts.

The company says customer service representatives are available to assist with any problems. They are available daily 7 a.m.-1 a.m. at 1-877-363-4537.