AutoHarvest to partner with Chinese-based WTOIP

Michael Martinez
The Detroit News

AutoHarvest Foundation — a Detroit-based nonprofit that connects manufacturing-related inventors with investors, partners and advisers — said Wednesday it is joining with Chinese-based group that deals with intellectual property. The Chinese organization — known as WTOIP — helps foster collaboration and partnerships between fledgling companies and Chinese investors willing to partner with them.

“AutoHarvest is delighted that WTOIP has become an active partner to do the noble work of building a trusted bridge and superhighway to China for entrepreneurs, SMEs and innovation organizations in automotive and advanced manufacturing,” Jayson Pankin, AutoHarvest co-founder, president and CEO, said in a statement.

Pankin said AutoHarvest serves as a type of Google or eBay for inventors, allowing them to cast a wide net when they seek help or investors in their ideas. The partnership with WTOIP allows that net to go global.

“WTOIP was created to unify Chinese intellectual property developers and product innovators through an on- and off-line network offering a deep pool of partners, patents, branding and global markets,” Boon Xie, CEO of WTOIP, said in a statement. “We have abundant IP resources which are over 600,000 patents and 500,000 trademarks for sale. We will align well with the AutoHarvest Innovation Ecosystem to bring good opportunities to both members and enterprises through utilizing intellectual property.”

AutoHarvest is involved in a wide variety of manufacturing areas, including aerospace, defense, IT, transportation and telecommunications.

The companies have been discussing a collaboration since December, and Pankin said users can now collaborate with Chinese partners who will help them lower costs and speed up production of their inventions or ideas.

“It’s a terrific first step in what’s going to be a very positive journey for all our members,” he said.