So your vehicle is dirty and needs to be washed. You may head to the fancy drive-thru car wash with its wheel track, bright lights and machines that shoot foamy spray at you before octopus-like tentacles or spinning brushes move in for their assault as you roll toward the light, and the whirring drying fans, at the end of the tunnel.

Or you could stay home and use your own hose and Eagle One’s new no-bucket Evolution Detailing System.

The “system” comprises three quart containers, each holding a different color liquid and each topped by what Eagle One believes to be a “first-of-its-kind hose-end” sprayer.

Eagle One, which is based in Lexington, Kentucky, says each of the plastic containers contains enough liquid to clean 16 vehicles, or to clean your vehicle 16 times.

You start with the container with the green liquid, which Eagle One says is a pre-soak that “removes deposits soaps leave behind,” and also “helps break the bond of bugs, bird droppings and road trim.”

You switch the on/water/off lever on the container to off, connect your hose to the fitting on the hose-end sprayer, point the other end of the sprayer at your vehicle and turn to the on position. The hose-end sprayer mixes the green liquid with water at a certain rate to optimize its work. After spraying, the instructions say to let the solution sit on your vehicle for two minutes and then to use the water setting to rinse.

Next comes the container with the blue liquid, the wash solution which Eagle One says not only removes dirt and grime, but holds them in suspension “for a scratch-free rinse.” The procedure is pretty much the same: Attach the hose with the switch off, turn to on and foam-down your vehicle, but this time Eagle One recommends you use a cleaning mitt to scrub the surface before you rinse.

OK, two-thirds of the way there. Now it’s time to think pink. Pink is the color of Eagle One Element Shield, which the manufacturer says is designed to keep your vehicle cleaner between washes while protecting against water spots, reducing drying time of the wash you’ve just done and also providing a “lustrous” shine.

The procedure is familiar: Spray, let the Element Shield remain on the vehicle for a minute, and rinse.

The quart container of Pre-Soak retails for $14.99, the Wash is $12.99 and the Element Shield is $14.99. They are available at stores such as Auto Zone and Advance Auto Parts.

Eagle One is part of Niteo, which produces automotive appearance and maintenance products under the Eagle One, Car Brite, Pyroil, Valvoline and Max Life brands.

For more information, including a how-to video, are on the website.

Larry Edsall is a Phoenix-based freelance writer. You can reach him at

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