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Larry Edsall
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The germaphobic mothers of my grandchildren have gotten me into the habit of keeping a pack of those disinfecting wipes in my pickup truck. Last summer, I also discovered packs of wipes saturated with mosquito repellant, a much better way to apply the stuff than to spray it all over kingdom come, so I have those in the truck as well. I’m told sunscreen also comes in such wipe packs and I hope to find some before next summer.

In the meantime, I’ve added several additional packs of wipes to my truck’s stash, but these are designed not to fight germs or buzzing pests or harmful UV rays but to help keep any vehicle’s interior clean without having to carry around a bunch of bottles and towels.

These packs of wipes are produced by Griot’s Garage, a company well-known for the high quality of its car care products. Griot’s new “wipes” line includes four types:

■ Window cleaner

■ Interior cleaner

■ Leather care

■ Vinyl & rubber dressing

Each resealable pouch contains 30 disposable wipes, each of them saturated with Griot’s own specially created car-cleaning concoction.

Based in Tacoma, Washington, Griot’s Garage has been in business for around 25 years. It was started by Richard Griot, who was unhappy with the quality of the products he was buying to clean and care for his own cars.

Griot had worked as a mechanic at an auto racing school, in real estate and even in clothing design and manufacturing. His father built and sold scientific optical equipment, including lenses for microscopes and telescopes. Those lenses have to be spotless and Griot’s father had created a solution to clean them.

Combining his own business experience and his father’s chemical formula, Richard Griot started using his father’s cleaner to clean car windshields and from that start he and his team developed an entire line of car care products and accessories.

The new packs of wipes can fit into the glove box, center console, door pocket or trunk of any vehicle — or any Christmas stocking should you need last-minute stocking stuffers — and thus are convenient for a quick clean up, whether it’s a spill during a road trip or to clean up your tires or vinyl roof at the local cruise-in.

The wipe packs are $5.99 for the window cleaner or interior cleaner and $6.99 for the leather care or vinyl & rubber dressing, or you can buy a complete set — the travel wipes kit — for $19.99.

For more information, visit the website.

Larry Edsall is a Phoenix-based freelance writer. You can reach him

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