Imagine what good ol’ Saint Nick has to go through each year. We’re talking about a guy who runs a major distribution operation at the North Pole. This privately held enterprise spends a full year procuring goods, listening to customers and fulfilling their requests in one short night. You think you have it rough? Try parallel parking eight reindeer and a sleigh.

So one has to wonder: What would such a highly placed, but lovable, international executive drive? No one knows, but here are some possibilities.

■Range Rover: Given Santa’s advancing years, his comfort is a priority, along with utility and the ability to go anywhere, at any time. Few vehicles do it as well as the 2016 Range Rover, especially on unimproved roads. Santa values the Range Rover’s All-Terrain Progress Control, which allows the vehicle to autonomously control braking and throttle response over rock-and-rut-encrusted roads. It’s basically cruise control for boulder bashing. And let’s face it, heated leather seats and a heated steering wheel feel amazing on a bleak, snowy morning.

■Nissan Titan XD: With eight reindeer to tend to, there’s a lot of — ahem — mess to clean up. A pickup is ideal, especially a a half-ton pickup with the capability of a three-quarter ton. The all-new 2016 Nissan Titan XD fits the bill quite nicely, with 2,000 pounds of payload capacity and the ability to tow 12,000 pounds. That’s enough to haul a trailer with all eight reindeer and their chow.

■Honda Pilot: When you need to haul a mess of elves, few vehicles can handle it with the aplomb of the 2016 Honda Pilot. Honda Sensing advanced safety technologies will help ensure their safety, while four 2.5-amp USB ports, heated second-row seats, and a Blu-ray DVD rear entertainment system will help keep them happy.

■Lexus RX 350: The redesigned 2016 version ensures that Santa’s other half will be wearing the latest in bold automotive fashion, and enjoy the latest in seamless technology including all-wheel drive. Mrs. Claus loves the extensive suite of driver-assistance safety features and helpful technology such as the head-up display, which projects useful information onto the windshield in front of the driver.

■Mercedes-Maybach S600: A night on the town with the missus calls for a ride worthy of his station. Is there another executive shuttle to match the technology, ability and finely crafted interior of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class? Night View Assist Plus ensures the driver doesn’t hit any wildlife, while the rear cabin, with its quilted leather and hushed ambience, makes every ride a special occasion. And let’s not forget that 563-horsepower V-12 powerplant.

■ Mazda MX-5 Miata: After the stockings are stuffed, even Santa needs a little R and R. Surely such an iconic figure will be zipping around Palm Springs in the new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata. Santa adores its classic looks, light weight and crisp handling.

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