Soup it up: Weego offers jump on reviving dead battery

Larry Edsall
Special to The Detroit News

It was so cold that you rushed into the house without turning off your car’s headlights. Or maybe you left the vanity and lights on. Or maybe your battery simply died of old age. Whatever the reason, your car won’t start. And your AAA membership expired a week ago, you have no idea what might have happened to the jumper cables you inherited, and do you really want to flag down some stranger and ask for a jump?

And to make matters worse, you forgot to recharge your smartphone which now is as unresponsive as your car’s battery.

Westhampton, New Jersey-based Paris Corporation has a handy solution for both problems in the form of its Weego Jump Starter Battery+ products, a series of compact electric power sources that fit in a pocket, purse or glovebox and can be used to do anything from jump-start your vehicle to charge your phone, tablet or laptop computer, or to power a portable lamp or speakers on camping trips.

Gerard “Gerry” Toscani was in the office products business — his father, Dominic, was one of the Paris Corp. co-founders — selling products to various big-box stores. But Gerry realized that the digital revolution was putting some of those products in jeopardy. He also realized that the digital revolution needed power for its products and saw portable power as an undeveloped market.

So he learned what he could about the subject and hired experts and created technology and product specifications and launched Weego in the late summer of 2014, at first for the marine market because, as he put it, “a dead battery is a disaster out on the water.”

Weego expanded to power products for powersports (ATVs and such), and has since developed products for recharging everything from a smartphone to jump-starting not only cars but diesel-powered pickups.

Toscani, Weego’s chief executive, noted that the Weego jump starters can be recharged in a standard outlet in just three hours and will retain 75 percent of their power a year later.

Lithium-polymer batteries store power in the Weego products. The company says the batteries are good for as many as 1,000 full-charging cycles and are designed to operate at temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees. Each comes with jumper cables that are short, but long enough to span a battery, as well as wall and car chargers, a 3-in-1 USB cord, built-in LED flashlight and carrying case.

“Who needs bulky, heavy jump boxes with batteries that quickly deplete and unwieldy jumper cables that demand assistance from a stranger when a lightweight, truly portable, high-quality product is available when you need it most?” Toscani asked.

“From moms to mechanics, Weego Jump Starter Battery+ is the solution that is not only essential for emergencies but handy for everyday use.”

Weego produces three products designed for automotive application, though each has a USB port and can be used to power up a smartphone or tablet or other device. It also produces Heavy Duty and Professional versions equipped with SOS and strobe lights and eight PC-based laptop connectors.

In addition, Weego produces four, compact-sized rechargeable battery packs designed for powering up a depleted GoPro, smartphone or e-reader.

Retail prices start at $99 for the standard car-starting unit. Prices for the rechargeable battery packs range from $20-$60.

For more information, visit the website.

Larry Edsall is a Phoenix-based freelance writer. You can reach him at