Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road,” Soon Park traveled from Boston to Los Angeles and back in in 2009, driving thousands of miles pulling a $2,500 pop-up camping trailer. The trip was great. The trailer? Not so much, especially when he had to replace flat trailer tires three times.

So Park set out to create something better, something that might enhance the travel experience even if children were involved.

The initial result was Hardtop One. Hardtop One Jr. followed, and then a Road Trip model. Now, Park’s iKamper has launched the Skycamp, a treehouse that rides atop a car, truck, sport or crossover utility vehicle.

“IKamper roof-top tents are my childhood treehouse dreams come true,” Park said. “The idea of having my own private room that takes me to unknown and mysterious lands fascinates me even now. With your treehouse on top of your car, you can go anywhere and stop whenever you want.”

Not only that, but Park adds that, “With iKamper roof-top tents, our campers take a journey back to their childhood.”

Skycamp weighs around 160 pounds and has an aluminum-honeycomb floor and fiber-reinforced top panel. The floor is rated for a capacity of 900 pounds.

Closed, the unit measures about 54 inches wide, nearly 86 inches long and is 121/2 inches tall. Open, it provides a floor that is nearly 83 inches square and a mattress larger than a king-size bed. It is designed to sleep as many as three adults or two adults and two children.

An access ladder is included and iKamper offers a long list of accessories, from a wind-deflector to a shoe rack, ground-level annex room and computer-tablet holder for watching videos should the view out the skylight not be satisfying enough.

List price is $2,500 for a poly-walled unit or $2,800 for one with canvas walls, though the iKamper website has a pre-order offer that knocks several hundred dollars off those prices.

The Skycamp can be erected or fully closed within a minute. For more information, visit

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