Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co. and Toyota Motor North America ranked high on the Rainbow Push Coalition 2018 automotive diversity scorecard.

The annual ranking serves to hold automakers accountable, and make minority representation in the automotive industry "more than a trendy talking point."

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, president and founder of the coalition, released the rankings Thursday in Detroit. Ford, GM and Toyota reflected "best practices" in ethnic diversity in employment, marketing and philanthropy. GM lagged Ford and Toyota's rankings for diversity in advertising and procurement, but showed best practices for diversity among dealers.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ranked in the middle among 12 automakers. Volkswagen and BMW were at the bottom of the list for diversity across the company. 

Jackson also announced Friday a new collaboration between Rainbow Push and Wayne County Community College to train students to work on the new technology automakers are preparing to deploy in the near future. 

"It's not about grease anymore," Jackson said. "It's about high-tech."

The program, which Jackson did not offer many details on, would target 1,000 students through a specialized, two-year program at the college. The curriculum would be laid out by Silicon Valley-based African-American technology professionals.

Jackson said details would be offered on the program in about a month.

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