Everything you need to know about the UAW strike and corruption scandal

The Detroit News

The United Auto Workers have declared a strike at General Motors facilities nationwide. At the same time, the union is dealing with a widespread corruption scandal that has implicated even its top brass. 

Here is everything you need to know to stay informed.


Sept. 22

GM strike day 7, 'Solidarity Sunday' for UAW workers on the lines

Sept. 21

Day 6: Talks continue; Elizabeth Warren to join picket line

Podcast: Daniel Howes on UAW scandal, strike

Sept. 20

Feds charge Ashton aide in widening UAW scandal

GM strike, day 5: Negotiators start early-morning talks

Sept. 19

Howes: UAW scandal creates opportunity for its adversaries

GOP lawmakers call for hearing on 'widespread, brazen lawbreaking' at UAW

Klobuchar: GM needs to share 'prosperity' with UAW workers

Sept. 18

Howes: Embattled UAW president Gary Jones faces mutiny threat

GM strike enters third day with little progress, more lost production

Bankole: Condemn hypocrisy in UAW ranks

Sept. 17

Feds aimed guns, handcuffed ex-UAW boss Dennis Williams during raids

UAW strike presents political tightrope for Dems, GOP

Sept. 16

GM strike, Day 2: UAW talks continue Tuesday with no progress reported

GM strike lasting more than a week could send Mich. into recession

Accused UAW thief negotiates worker deal with GM

UAW workers say GM strike aims 'to get back what we've lost'

Howes: GM's contract peek sets 'floor' for UAW expectations

Editorial: Blame strike on UAW corruption

Sept. 15

Strike will hurt rank-and-file workers before GM, experts say

Job security, wages are sticking points for UAW

UAW national strike against GM bucks recent history

Howes: Federal corruption probe, mistrust fuel UAW-GM strike

Sept. 14: 

46,000 UAW workers strike at GM plants nationwide

Sept. 13

Amid pressure, UAW says Gary Jones is still president

UAW boss gets prison break for helping feds probe auto corruption

UAW extends labor contracts with Fiat Chrysler, Ford

Strike by UAW would cost GM, the union and its members

UAW and Fiat Chrysler officials charged so far in auto scandal

Sept. 12

UAW presidents Gary Jones, Dennis Williams implicated in federal probe

Howes: UAW leadership's credibility evaporating with new charges

GM stocks up on vehicles amid strike threat

Sept. 11

'Stakes are unusually high' as UAW-GM talks near 11th hour

Potential UAW janitor strike could raise pressure in GM auto talks

Sept. 10

What Medicare for all could mean for auto workers

Sept. 9

Howes: UAW demands + prosperity + GM cost-cutting = strike?

Federal corruption investigation tests UAW’s political clout

Sept. 5

What UAW's Gary Jones, Teamsters, Conor McGregor have in common: Lawyer

As UAW contract deadline nears, GM sends letter to plants

GM CEO Barra calls meeting with Trump 'productive and valuable'

Sept. 4

Howes: Federal corruption probe looms over UAW-GM talks

UAW official Mike Grimes pleads guilty, cites economic hardship

Sept. 3

Big profits, unallocated plants make GM a target for UAW

Sept. 2

Amid UAW crisis, Detroit Labor Day parade is low-key celebration

UAW workers march in solidarity in Detroit amid corruption probe

Jerry Harris carries a sign while workers from the General Motors walk a picket line Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, in Bowling Green, Ky.


FBI eyes Jones' charity, UAW officials' California junkets

UAW members plan to protest leadership during Labor Day parade

Raids raise possibility of federal racketeering case against UAW

Feds execute raids on UAW leaders in four states, seize cash and files

FBI searches UAW president's home

Rough trade winds complicate UAW talks

Ex-UAW official pleads not guilty in fraud, money laundering case

Wage battle looms over contentious UAW auto talks

UAW corruption probe stirs distrust among rank-and-file

UAW scandal embroils VP Ashton's right-hand man

Disgraced UAW official spared prison after helping feds

Feds charge ex-UAW leader in growing corruption scandal

Howes podcast: UAW's 'clean union' moniker may no longer be justified

Lordstown Motors visits northeast Ohio to discuss idled GM plant

GM Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant employee Patty Thomas, 63, left, of Eastpointe, prepares to strike with other UAW members on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, in Hamtramck, Mich.


As auto talks open, a wide divide separates Detroit carmakers, UAW

Disgraced UAW boss' life of luxury revealed ahead of sentencing

UAW vows fight ahead of GM Warren Transmission plant closing