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GM strike becomes the soundtrack of a hip-hop video

Ian Thibodeau
The Detroit News

The United Auto Workers strike of General Motors Co. has become a hip-hop video.

Detroit-based rap artist and comedian GmacCash on Thursday morning posted to YouTube his latest song, "On Strike." By Thursday afternoon, it had more than 4,600 views by on YouTube and hundreds of retweets on Twitter. 

"We goin' on strike so you better listen," GmacCash says in the song's first verse. "We ain't 'bout to keep workin' under these conditions..."

The artist, who preferred to go by his stage name, told The Detroit News he tries to make quick songs about topical issues. "We on the Lodge Wit it" was a hip-hop take on the viral video of muscle cars burning doughnuts on the Lodge Freeway this summer. He recently had a song go viral about the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze. GmacCash used to work for Chrysler, he said, but is not currently an automotive industry employee or UAW member.

The song touches on some of the hot-button issues of the GM-UAW negotiations that sent 46,000 employees to picket lines early Monday morning, including the automaker's use of temporary workers on assembly lines.

"Temps workin' like slaves and don't get hired. The supervisor don't care if they get tired. They just trying to make sure them sales get higher."


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