Chrysler Group LLC said Wednesday it is recalling nearly 566,000 pickups and SUVs in two new recall campaigns because electrical issues could spark a fire, fuel leaks or disable anti-rollover technology.

The larger new recall covers 2010-14 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups and 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs, including 314,704 in the U.S., 59,000 in Canada, 1,800 in Mexico and about 6,000 outside North America.

Chrysler said it has no reports of fires. The automaker said dealers will upgrade wiring harness terminals and replace as needed fuel heater housings in trucks with 6.7 liter Cummins diesel engines. The recall was prompted by a probe that showed two incidents of overheating. Chrysler discovered a terminal connector near the fuel heater may be subject to friction-induced rust, which could lead to overheating and possible fuel leaks.

The new terminals will have upgraded materials and fuel heater housings will be inspected and replaced.

Chrysler is also recalling 184,186 SUVs globally to upgrade software that helps manage Electronic Stability Control, a technology that helps keep vehicles from rolling over.

Following an investigation Chrysler discovered a debris cover protecting a circuit board may inadvertently disrupt a communication line and disables ESC. Chrysler said it knows of no injuries or crashes. The software upgrade restores proper communication and preserves ESC function.

The campaign covers the 2014 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs, including 132,223 in the U.S.; 8,871 in Canada; 4,742 in Mexico and 38,350 outside North America.

Chrysler has recalled 5.1 million vehicles in 27 U.S. recalls; worldwide about 6.4 million vehicles in 33 global recalls. By comparison, Chrysler recalled 4.7 million vehicles in 36 campaigns in 2013.

Chrysler noted that through mid-October, “our average vehicle volume per campaign was less than 200,000; the industry average was 301,000 plus. This means we respond quickly and proactively to problems, evidenced further by the fact that eight of our 27 U.S. campaigns were launched before we received a single complaint,” spokesman Eric Mayne said.

Ford recalls 205K Edge, MKX SUVs

Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday issued a recall for 204,447 2007-08 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX SUVs vehicles for rust under the reinforcement brackets where the fuel tank is mounted.

The automaker said the condition could cause a fuel odor, leak or potential “check engine” light, and could lead to fire. Ford said it’s aware of one fire, but no injuries or accidents have been reported.

The SUVs are being recalled in several salt-belt states, including Michigan.

Dealers will inspect the fuel tanks and repair or replace them at no cost to owners.

Michael Martinez

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