Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV on Thursday announced two recalls that include nearly 570,000 sport utility vehicles worldwide.

The largest recall involves more than 476,600 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs from the 2011-12 model years. An estimated 352,831 of the vehicles are being recalled in the United States. Wiring in the vanity mirror of the impacted vehicles can short-circuit and start a fire.

The company said it is unaware of any related injuries or accidents. Overheating was observed only in vehicles equipped with a certain wiring package. The conditions were reported among a small percentage (less than 0.02 percent) of vehicles, the company said.

Overheating has not occurred in vehicles that have not had service involving headliner removal in connection with a previous recall of 895,000 SUVs from July 2014.

Wiring in the headliners of these vehicles will be secured with a new adhesive. Measures will also be taken to help prevent the wiring from contacting potentially abrasive surfaces.

An estimated 26,487 vehicles will be recalled in Canada, as well as 13,037 in Mexico and 84,330 outside North America.

Separately, Fiat Chrysler announced a recall on Thursday of roughly 93,200 2015 Jeep Compasses and Patriots, including 60,107 in the U.S.

An FCA US investigation discovered clamps in some vehicles produced during a five-month period this year may be out of position. This may allow rapid loss of power steering fluid. Leakage onto a hot surface may pose a fire hazard.

If the condition occurs, steering is not lost. However, greater effort may be required to steer the vehicle. Customers who experience this or see evidence of a fluid leak are urged to contact their dealers. Reported incidents of fluid leaks predominantly involve vehicles with very low mileage.

An estimated 5,755 vehicles will be recalled in Canada, 3,351 in Mexico and 23,995 outside North America. The company said it is unaware of any related injuries or accidents.

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