FCA to briefly lay off Toledo workers for retooling

Jim Lynch
The Detroit News

More than 3,000 employees at Fiat Chrysler’s Toledo manufacturing operation will be laid off temporarily in April to allow for retooling.

The north plant at the Toledo Assembly Complex is being refitted to allow for future production of the Jeep Wrangler. The facility currently manufactures the Cherokee, an operation that will be transferred to FCA’s plant in Belvidere, Illinois.

The restructuring is part of a plan announced in July that included roughly $1 billion in the Illinois and Toledo plants. Layoffs will begin April 7 and affect 3,200 workers.

Fiat Chrysler representative Jodi Tinson said the retooling would be extensive, but did not say how long the work would take.

The work eventually will clear the way for future workforce expansion at the Toledo plant.

“We want to grow the Jeep and Ram brands here in the U.S., especially the Jeep brand for the global market,” Tinson said Wednesday.


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