Best car designs recognized at auto show

Phil Berg
Special to The Detroit News

Eyes On Design Awards for Design Excellence were announced at the North American International Auto Show Tuesday afternoon.

Awards were given for the best designs in production cars, concept cars, interiors, and the use of color, graphics and materials. The team of judges was comprised of expert designers from the auto industry, including Jack Telnack, retired vice president of design for Ford. The group of more than a dozen judges was counseled by former Vice Chairman of General Motors, Bob Lutz.

“Less and less, the mechanical differences between the brands are disappearing,” said Lutz. He explained that those carmakers who have enjoyed a rise in sales are those with the best designs.

The top production car design was won by the new Ford GT supercar, which beat out semi-finalists Acura NSX and Mercedes GLE 63 Coupe.

The best concept car was won by the Buick Avenir, beating out the Chevy Bolt electric car and the Mercedes F015 luxury sedan.

The most innovative use of color, graphics and materials was also won by the Buick Avenir, over semi-finalists Mercedes F 015, Volkswagen’s Cross Coupe GTE and Audi’s Q7 SUV.

The best designed interior was awarded to the Audi Q7, which beat out the Buick Avenir and Infiniti Q60 sports coupe.