Ford issues 4 recalls, including 160,000 Focus STs and Escapes

David Shepardson
Detroit News Washington Bureau

Ford Motor Co. announced four new recalls Friday, the largest involving nearly 160,000 2013-14 Ford Focus STs and Escapes for stalling problems due to faulty wiring harnesses.

The recall covers vehicles with 2-liter engines in North America. Ford said engine wiring harnesses may have splices that were insufficiently compressed by the supplier. Poor electrical connections can cause erroneous signals to be sent to the powertrain control module and affect engine performance.

The defect may result in an engine malfunction indicator light, reduced engine power, hesitation or stalling, Ford said.

No crashes or injuries have been attributed to the condition. Dealers will replace the affected wiring splices.

Affected vehicles include 2013-14 Ford Focus ST models with 2-liter engine built at Michigan Assembly Plant Feb. 14, 2012-Oct. 14, 2013, and some 2013-14 Escapes with 2-liter engines built Oct. 5, 2011-April 1, 2013, at the Louisville Assembly Plant.

About 133,000 of the recalled vehicles are in the U.S., 25,400 are in Canada and 789 are in Mexico. The most recent recall is the 11th involving the 2013 Escape.

Ford issued three smaller recalls Friday:

■1,300 2015 Ford Transits were recalled due to a potential brake fluid leak at the joint between the rear brake hose and brake caliper.

If there’s a leak, drivers will eventually see the red brake warning lamp and a “Brake Fluid Level Low — Service Now” message in the instrument cluster. Drivers may also notice longer pedal travel and extended stopping distances. Dealers will replace sealing washers.

No injuries have been attributed to the problem.

■About 600 2015 Ford Transit cargo vans were recalled due to a potential issue with windowless sliding doors. The doors were assembled without an epoxy reinforcement, making them more likely to come unlatched during side-impact crashes. Dealers will install a reinforcement plate into the door.

No injuries have been reported.

■Nearly 1,300 2015 Lincoln MKC crossovers. Some may have windshields that may not meet federal requirements specifying that no bubbles or other defects are allowed.

Certain manufacturing conditions may have allowed air to be trapped between layers of glass, Ford said. Faulty windshields will be replaced.