Lincoln launches Black Label experience

Michael Martinez
The Detroit News
  • Black Label offers special interior designs and perks like free car washes.
  • The experience is available on MKC and MKZ vehicles and costs an additional $5,995.
  • Lincoln has 32 Black Label vehicles in six states, including five in Michigan.
  • Black Label will roll out in China next year and will be called Presidential.

Lincoln Motor Co. hopes its new Black Label experience, unveiled Monday, will make its luxury vehicle customers feel even more luxurious.

Black Label is upscale, customized vehicle interiors and membership perks that will roll out at 32 Lincoln dealers across six states — including five dealerships in Michigan — next month.

The experience is available on Lincoln's new MKC crossover and MKZ sedan. The vehicles come with four interior "themes" that include high-scale leather, suede and wood details. Black Label owners also receive a number of perks, like a free once-a-year detailing, unlimited free car washes and VIP-style meals at select restaurants for four years.

The upgrade to a Black Label vehicle costs about $5,995, or about an additional $70 a month on leased vehicles.

"Black Label represents a new level of Lincoln luxury in terms of product execution and personal service," said Matt VanDyke, director, global Lincoln. "This combination of elevated service, materials and execution will set Lincoln Black Label apart."

Other luxury automakers have special membership packages, but Lincoln says Black Label is unique because it caters to customers. When selecting a Black Label theme, the dealer will come to the customers — at their office, home, etc. — and show them a package. Dealers will pick up the vehicle at the customer's home or workplace if it needs maintenance.

None of the four themes is customizable, so buyers don't have to make many choices. Lincoln likens that to a Neiman Marcus stylist picking out an entire outfit so customers don't have to worry about it.

Dealers must go through a two-day training process to become Black Label-certified and must pay for some of the services. Once Black Label rolls out nationwide next year, Lincoln hopes about 15 percent of its 900 dealers will offer the upscale service, and hopes about 5 percent to 6 percent of MKC and MKZ sales will be Black Label.

The four interior themes are named Indulgence, Oasis, Modern Heritage and Center Stage. Indulgence, for example, is inspired by chocolate and features dark brown colors, while Modern Heritage is black and white with red accents.

"Our goal is to provide an ultimate sensory experience by creating luxurious environments with a variety of unique color themes that resonate with customers," said Janet Seymour, Lincoln color and materials design manager. "We achieve this by using the most premium materials with meticulous attention to detail."

There are a few subtle changes to the exterior of Black Label cars. The badge on the back of the vehicles includes a black "C" for the MKC and a black "Z" for the MKZ. The rims are different, too.

"The Black Label exterior is purposely understated," VanDyke said. "From the outside, few people might recognize that it is a Black Label vehicle. It's all about comfort on the inside, creating a luxurious experience for the driver and passengers."

Black Label is not available on the recently refreshed Navigator, but will be available on all new Lincolns, including the new MKX, next year. Lincoln will always offer four themes for each Black Label vehicle, but will add some new themes for each new car.

Black Label will also roll out in China next year and will be called "Presidential."

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