Ford Motor Co.'s 2016 model year F-150 will include a knob that's supposed to make backing up with a trailer a lot easier.

The pickup will come with "Pro Trailer Backup Assist," a segment-first technology that lets the customer steer the trailer with a control knob while the truck steers its wheels and limits vehicle speed.

To operate the feature, the customer rotates a knob — located on the left side of the center stack underneath the drive mode selector knob — to indicate how much they want to turn the trailer. The feature automatically steers the truck to turn the trailer the desired amount.

Ford says it has five patents on the technology, with another 10 pending.

Earlier this month, the automaker said the 2016 F-150 will offer a compressed natural gas or propane option on its 5-liter V8 engine that runs on fuel cheaper than both unleaded gas and diesel.

The option is mainly intended for commercial or fleet customers in states like Texas and Oklahoma, where CNG-capable fueling stations are most plentiful. It will cost customers thousands of dollars: $315 for Ford to prep the engine, and between $7,500-$9,500 to have a Ford qualified vehicle modifier supply and upfit the engine with the necessary fuel tanks, fuel lines and fuel injectors.

Ford will start taking orders for the 2016 F-150 this summer, and the pickup will hit showrooms this winter.

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