Fusion, Edge problems prompt federal probe for Ford

Keith Laing
Detroit News Washington Bureau

Washington — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating complaints about a pair of Ford Motor Co. models that have been linked to five injuries to drivers.

The agency said it has received 1,560 reports of problems with the “door ajar” light of 2011-13 Ford Edge vehicles, and 547 complaints of power steering failures on model-year 2010 Ford Fusions. The door light problem has resulted in one injury, while the power steering complaint followed four injuries.

Complaints about the Ford Edge alleged that the “door ajar” light on the instrument cluster of the vehicles that are under investigation stays on all of the time, even when all doors are closed and fully latched, according to NHTSA.

“When the light is illuminated continuously, vehicle occupants cannot be certain if any of the doors are properly latched,” the agency said.

Complaints about the Ford Fusion alleged that the power-steering assist failed suddenly, making the car difficult to steer.

“Many drivers report that a warning light indicating ‘power steering assist fault’ lights up when the failure occurs,” NHTSA said. “When the power steering system fails, significantly increased driver effort is required to maintain directional control of the vehicle. Drivers report that the system can fail at both low and high speeds and the fault is sometimes intermittent.”

Ford spokeswoman Elizabeth Weigandt said the Dearborn company will cooperate with NHTSA on both investigations.


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