Ford gets snarky with new ad campaign

Ian Thibodeau
The Detroit News

Ford Motor Co. debuts a new ad campaign that, company officials say, cuts through the hype about the distant future and focuses on what Ford can sell you today.

Dubbed "Built Ford Proud," a series of four television spots and multiple print and social-media advertisements will roll out this weekend.

The company has announced several all-new vehicles for introduction in 2019, including the returning Ranger pickup, an all-new rear-wheel drive Explorer, and an all-new Escape and Super Duty pickup. 

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The automaker worked with ad agency Wieden and Kennedy on a campaign that indirectly pokes fun at Ford's competitors, and calls back to the Blue Oval's 115-year-old roots.

"Some will talk about the future," actor Bryan Cranston says in one of the ads. "You'd be a fool to believe them. You see, talk doesn't get things done. Building does... Let the other guys keep dreaming about the future. We'll be the ones building it."

The automaker debuted the ads at its annual dealer meeting this week in Las Vegas.

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