Dearborn — Someone out there wants a Ford GT badly enough to fly a plane with a banner declaring as much in low visibility and snow flurries.

Around noon Monday, a prop plane flew over Ford World Headquarters with a banner reading: "Is a Ford GT in my future? #GoingFurther" 

The hashtag is a play on the automaker's "Go Further" campaign, and perhaps proof of just how far this GT fan was willing to go to get attention for the cause.

Michael Levine, Ford North America Product Communications manager, said employees saw the plane with the banner "but we have no way to identify the potential customer who would like to own a Ford GT."

"We hope even more applicants complete their applications by 8:00 a.m. Eastern Friday, Dec. 7 and encourage creative videos to support their applications instead of high-flying stunts."

The would-be owner can't just put the street-legal race car on his or her Christmas list. Ford makes all potential buyers fill out an application to prove worthiness. Oh, and then there's the pesky $500,000 price tag. 

ReadFord will build more $500K GT supercars

To meet global demand, Ford announced in November it would increase total production of the coveted 647-horsepower beauty from 1,000 to 1,350 – extending to the 2022 model year from the previously announced 2020.

Built as a production homologation car so that Ford could return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in 2016 – 50 years after it first won the event with the legendary GT40 race car – anticipation for the scissor-door 2017-2020 GT production rocket soared after the race version won the 2016 French race.

Despite its then-$450,000 base price, demand was fierce. Unlike the first GT supercar that saw limited U.S. production from 2005-06, the state-of-the-art twin-turbo V-6 2017 car is available in the U.S., Europe and Mideast-Africa, and has brought interest from around the world.

GT orders opened Nov. 8 at for the 350 additional cars; the ordering window stays open for 30 days.

As that deadline approaches, some at Ford were impressed by the fan's gumption.

"Points for creativity! This dude really wants a Ford GT. He’s flying over World Headquarters. #OMGGT," tweeted Levine.  

"Someone lobbying hard for their @Ford #FordGT application & #ChristmasList!? Banner tow around WHQ in snow & low vis," tweeted Mark Coleman, Ford's digital targeted marketing and paid search manager.

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