Ford's ex-auto chief Hinrichs joins WaveSense board

Breana Noble
The Detroit News

Former Ford Motor Co. auto chief Joe Hinrichs has joined the board of directors for WaveSense Inc., the Massachusetts-based self-driving sensor startup said Monday.

The 53-year-old auto industry veteran abruptly departed the Dearborn automaker in March following disappointing fourth-quarter earnings results. He brings with him 19 years of experience overseeing global operations, labor and trade policy affairs, and more. His contributions come as WaveSense seeks to commercialize technology that originated in the military.

Joe Hinrichs

"I am excited to contribute to WaveSense’s rapid and broad adoption so that new and improved safety and performance features become available to drivers around the world," Hinrichs said in a statement.

WaveSense tracks road subsurfaces by sending a radar signal 10 feet into the ground. Its reflection creates a unique "fingerprint" of the roadway that forms a map for position recognition in all weather and infrastructure conditions. The company has worked with 10 automakers and Tier 1 suppliers on pilot initiatives with its technology.

The startup also added to its advisory board Charles "Chuck" Stevens III, former chief financial officer at General Motors Co. who retired in March 2019, and Kurt Lehmann, former chief technology officer at auto supplier Continental Corp.

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