Washington — Subaru of America is recalling 198,900 previously recalled vehicles in 20 cold-weather U.S. states because of possible rust on brake lines due to salty water.

The unit of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. said it will recall the 2009-13 Forester, 2008-11 Impreza, 2008-14 WRX, 2008-14 WRX STI in 20 states — including Michigan — and the District of Columbia. The company said because of “incomplete repair instructions” to dealers that “additional anti-corrosion material needs to be applied to the four-way joint connector area of the brake line system for vehicles previously repaired.”

The original recall issued in June applied to 461,338 vehicles. That was prompted by a lengthy investigation that first began in 2011 after reports of rusty brake lines. Subaru notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the new recall on Dec. 31; and it was made public Thursday.

The new recall applies to owners who had them repaired before Dec. 23 under the earlier recall. Subaru’s all-wheel drive vehicles are often favored in cold-weather states.

Subaru said “depending on driving conditions, salt water could splash on the brake lines through a gap in the fuel tank protector, resulting in excessive corrosion of the brake lines.”

Subaru said drivers will be alerted to a fault in the brake system through a dashboard light “because the fluid level will drop in the system.”

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