Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it will recall 52,000 2011-2012 Avalon sedans in the United States because of fire risks.

The Japanese automaker said cargo could contact one of the audio system’s subwoofer wires in the trunk and move the wire out of position. If one of the wires contacts the metal frame of the subwoofer, it may result in an intermittent short circuit. If that happens, the subwoofer could overheat and possibly cause a fire.

Toyota dealers will provide a repair for the audio system. Until the remedy is available, as a precaution, Toyota dealers will disconnect the rear subwoofer.

Earlier this month, Toyota also recalled 5,000 2014-2015 Prius V hybrids. Toyota said the front passenger seat is equipped with an occupant classification system, which activates and deactivates the passenger seat air bag system depending on the weight of the seat occupant. Toyota said some may not have been calibrated properly. Under some conditions, this could result in no deployment of an air bag, increasing the risk of an injury to a front seat passenger in the event of crash, the company said. Dealers will recalibrate the system.

Toyota is not aware of any injuries or fatalities caused by either condition.

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