Washington — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Monday it is opening an investigation into 120,000 2008-10 Nissan Versa cars for suspension problems causing tire or brake line damage.

The federal auto safety agency also said it was closing a separate investigation launched a year ago into 606,000 2013-14 Nissan Sentra, Versa and Versa Note cars for braking issues.

In the new investigation, NHTSA said it has 93 reports of suspension coils breaking without warning, including one that involved a failure at 65 miles per hour causing a sudden tire problem by cutting the inner sidewall of the tire. There is just one report of a crash related to the issue.

NHTSA will investigate and determine if there enough evidence to upgrade the issue to an engineering analysis — a necessary step before the agency can demand an automaker recall vehicles it believes pose an unreasonable risk to driver safety.

The earlier investigation included 294 complaints of braking problems including two crash reports over excessive brake pedal travel and whether it was because of faulty seals. The agency said the data did not support continuing the investigation.

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