Lexus laps BMW and Mercedes for second straight U.S. sales win

Gabrielle Coppola

Toyota Motor Corp.’s Lexus outsold both BMW and Mercedes-Benz for a second straight month in August, as the introduction of a new entry-level crossover model helps put the Japanese brand back in contention with its German foes for luxury leadership.

Lexus sales rose 4.6% last month to 29,931, beating BMW AG’s namesake brand by about 4,400 units and Daimler AG’s Mercedes by 5,160. The compact UX crossover has steadily helped boost the Toyota division’s deliveries since it started trickling into Lexus showrooms at the end of 2018.

The 2019 Lexus UX is offered in multiple models—including the head-turning UX 200, powerful UX 250h and Luxury and F SPORT versions of both.

BMW still leads for the year with 204,960 cars and sport utility vehicles sold through August, followed by 196,779 for Mercedes and 190,691 for Lexus.