General Motors Co. said it was able to reopen another building at its Tech Center in Warren on Monday, and it hopes to have all 19,000 employees and contract workers back into their buildings by Friday.

The GM Tech Center closed early Tuesday following the floods that hit Metro Detroit a week ago. GM’s Tech Center houses workers in areas such as engineering, design, research and development, customer service and information technology. A GM executive last week said there were serious problems at the Tech Center and “a lot of damage” following the heavy rain last Monday.

Water came into the basements in several of the historic buildings at the Tech Center, damaging servers and computer equipment and cutting power in some buildings. The company’s recently completed $130 million information technology data center at the Tech Center escaped any flooding damage.

GM spokeswoman Katie McBride said cleanup crews worked through the weekend. She said restoration work continues at the GM Design and Research and Development buildings and some smaller sites at the complex.

“We continue to focus on safety in both the restoration process and with our returning Tech Center residents, and expect all team members will be able to return to work by Friday,” McBride said in an email.

GM said as of Monday, it had 15,500 employees and contractors working from the Tech Center. The company began calling back some workers last Tuesday and brought back more over the course of the week. The 3,500 employees who remain impacted are working remotely and from other sites while the cleanup continues, McBride said.

Some vehicles used by engineering and marketing staff that were left in parking lots were damaged, but GM is not aware of any damaged historical or future vehicles, McBride said. She said the automaker is still working to tally the number of vehicles damaged by the flooding and how many can be salvaged.

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