Camaro, Colorado take center field at Comerica Park

Michael Wayland
The Detroit News

The Camaro and Colorado will take center field for Chevrolet during the upcoming baseball season at Comerica Park.

An Inferno Orange metallic 2016 Colorado is lifted atop of the Chevrolet Fountain behind centerfield in Comerica Park.

A “Hyper Blue Metallic” Camaro SS muscle car and an “Inferno Orange Metallic” Colorado midsize pickup were lowered by crane atop the stadium’s Chevrolet Fountain in center field on Wednesday — an event that has become a tradition for the company prior to Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers in the Motor City. The colors of the vehicles are meant to match the Tigers’ orange and navy.

“Chevrolet continues to enjoy a long-standing relationship with the Detroit Tigers,” Vice President of Chevrolet Marketing Paul Edwards said in a statement. “By putting Chevrolet power and performance on display in center field, we hope to inspire our fans and our home team with a winning season.”

An Inferno Orange metallic 2016 Colorado and a Hyper Blue Metallic Amaro SS atop the Chevrolet Fountain.

Chevrolet has been the official automotive sponsor of the organization since 2010. Prior to then — from 2000-2008 — the fountain was called the General Motors Fountain.

In 2009, as the automaker cutback its advertising during its restructuring and government-backed bankruptcy, the Tigers did not sell space on the fountain. Instead, it put Ford Motor Co. and then-Chrysler logos up alongside “General Motors” with “The Detroit Tigers Support Our Automakers.”

This year will mark the first time since 2012 that a Silverado full-size pickup has not rested atop the fountain. The Camaro returns to the center field podium after a four-year hiatus.

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A look at the previous Chevrolet vehicles to rest atop the center field fountain in Comerica Park:

2015- Midnight Edition Silverado and Corvette Z06

2014- Silverado and Equinox

2013- Silverado and Impala

2012- Camaro and Malibu Eco