GM Maven one-way car-sharing now in Ann Arbor, Detroit

Melissa Burden
The Detroit News

General Motors Co.’s Maven car-sharing service has added one-way service in Ann Arbor, Detroit and at Detroit Metro Airport.

The Detroit automaker in January announced Maven as its personal mobility brand and has expanded locations nationally. Service rolled out in Ann Arbor, and about a month ago expanded to include a Detroit location near the Renaissance Center and at Metro Airport. One-way rentals also were introduced around Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan, in Detroit and at Metro Airport.

GM and Maven say the new service is the cheapest way to get from downtown Detroit to Metro Airport — aside from a free ride from a friend or family member. Maven says it’s the only car-sharing business to offer one-way car sharing in Michigan.

One-way rides, allowing for pick-up at one spot and drop-off at another, can be booked for as little as $3.50 plus taxes for 30 minutes in a Chevrolet Spark (other Chevy cars and the Chevy Tahoe SUV are more expensive). After that, drivers pay by the minute for what is used. A car could be rented in Ann Arbor or Detroit and driven to the airport for about $5, GM spokesman Stefan Cross said.

UberX would run at around $24 from downtown to the airport, while a taxi could cost $43 or more, according to estimates from GM.

Maven allows registered users to locate and reserve vehicles to use by the hour or day through the Maven smartphone app. Insurance and gasoline are included, and users unlock doors and start the car through their smartphone. Maven this spring had more than 1,300 users in Ann Arbor.

Bob Tiderington, senior manager of vehicle sharing for GM, said Maven decided to offer one-way sharing after listening to customers.

“It’s also going to help people coming here,” he said. An example would be a University of Michigan alumni coming in for a football game who could rent from the airport and drive to Ann Arbor.

Maven has added cars and parking in the Beaubien Place Garage, 521 Atwater St. in Detroit and at the Qwik Park, 7782 Merriman Road at the airport. On Friday, four vehicles were parked at Beaubien including two 2016 Tahoes, one 2016 Chevy Malibu and one 2016 Chevy Impala. Vehicles at Quik Park included two 2016 Sparks, one 2016 Tahoe and two 2016 Malibus, according to Maven’s website.

Tiderington said Maven has about 50 vehicles available in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Parking spots also are being added in and around the University of Michigan and at locations such as shopping centers, grocery stores and fitness clubs in the Ann Arbor area, Tiderington said.

GM now operates car-sharing through Maven in Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C. It also offers residential car-sharing in New York City and Chicago.

Maven plans to launch one-way car sharing in other markets, GM said. Maven soon will be adding more one-way vehicles to rent in other Metro Detroit locations popular with young people such as Royal Oak.

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