Chevy offers window clings to prove customer Bolts have been serviced

Kalea Hall
The Detroit News

Chevrolet this month will send out “Chevrolet Certified” window clings for Bolt EV and EUV owners so they can prove they've had battery modules replaced or the latest software installed following a recall for battery fire risk.

The clings have a QR code for parking lot attendants and garage owners to scan and confirm that the vehicle has been serviced with the recommended Chevrolet recall remedies.

"We decided to make this cling available as the result of direct feedback from our owners," Chevrolet spokesman Kevin Kelly said in a statement. "These clings will be available to owners who have completed the software update or battery module replacements from the dealer."

Later this month, Chevrolet will be sending “Chevrolet Certified” window clings to dealers to provide to owners who have either had their battery modules replaced or the latest advanced diagnostics software installed on their Bolt EVs or EUVs.

General Motors Co. in August 2021 recalled the Bolts — more than 141,000 — for battery fire risk, which is said to be the result of two manufacturing defects. GM has confirmed 18 battery fires globally. There have been no deaths and minimal injuries. GM battery supplier LG Electronics is footing most of the $2 billion bill for the recall. 

The recall prompted some parking garages to stop allowing Bolts to be parked there. GM previously advised owners to park 50 feet away from other vehicles in parking garages and recommended parking on the top level of open-air parking decks. 

In October, GM started shipping battery module replacements for dealers to install on the recalled Bolts and in November the automaker released new software that is said to detect battery abnormalities and limits the Bolt's charge to a max of 80%. 

All parking restrictions are lifted once customers receive either the battery module replacements or the dealer-installed software update.

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