GM, mobility analytics company develop road safety application

Kalea Hall
The Detroit News

General Motors Co. and INRIX Inc., a mobility analytics company, said Wednesday they are collaborating on an application that provides transportation officials with safety data. 

Safety View by GM Future Roads and INRIX is a cloud-based application that gives insights using crash, vehicle and vulnerable road user information. The application became vailable to departments of transportation at the beginning of this quarter. Safety View will have a subscription pricing model, which GM did not disclose the terms of on Wednesday.

“General Motors has outlined a vision for a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion, and each day we take a critical step forward in turning that vision into reality,” said Alan Wexler, GM senior vice president, strategy and innovation, in a statement.

Safety View uses data "from the U.S. Census and other sources that require customers to consent to sharing their data," said Shawn Granda, head of product, global innovation of Smart City Incubation at GM, in a statement. "We take data privacy very seriously and are committed to safeguarding personal information. No GM customer personal information is shared with INRIX in connection with this program."

The automaker last year introduced GM Future Roads, a technology platform focused on providing data analytics for insights to create safer roadways. 

Transportation professionals can get access to Safety View's safety and demographic datasets and use data to identify hazardous roadway sections.