Berkley’s cruise parade smaller, but a crowd pleaser

Evan Carter
The Detroit News

Berkley — It wasn’t the biggest car parade in the world, nor the longest or most ornate. But for those in Berkley, it was the best.

Thousands of area residents came out for cars, food and family fun along 12 Mile Road.

While the temperature hovered near 90 degrees and the skies threatened rain, it didn't stop the Berkley cruise parade on Friday.

“We came because it’s on a smaller scale, more intimate (than Woodward),” Beverly Hills resident Karin Goodrich said. “I like it because you can see the cars better.”

Goodrich brought her girls, Catherine and Morgan, despite temperatures hovering near 90 degrees and skies threatening rain.

Almost directly across the street, car enthusiast Mark Hizelberger sat in a foldable chair, relaxing and waiting for the parade.

Hizelberger liked that the parade let’s in only classic cars, instead of today’s lookalike, anonymous grocery carriers.

“We can sit here and watch the cars go by — no traffic,” he said.

In his heart of hearts, Hizelberger is a Ford guy, “but I enjoy them all,” he said. He considers them a form of rolling art.

After the parade, more than a few of those who lined the street headed to Clark’s Ice Cream and Yogurt for scoops, shakes and sundaes. Clark’s worker Ben Nemeth said it’s easily the busiest day of the year for the parlor.

“After the parade we usually have a line that goes down the avenue and it doesn’t slow down until 10:30 or 11 p.m.,” he said.

“We ordered extra ice cream,” said Nemeth, nodding at a bulging freezer.

Hundreds of Berkleyitesfrom the surrounding area came out for cars, food, and family fun on Friday night.

And what’s the most popular flavor?

“Michigan Pothole, the proceeds of which are going towards fixing Michigan’s roads,” he said. “And just like Michigan’s potholes, it’s got everything in it.”