Highs and lows of the Dream Cruise

Henry Payne
The Detroit News

Ferndale – Where are the highest and lowest spots to view the Dream Cruise?

Classics roll on Woodward on Saturday during the annual Dream Cruise.

Unless you're an airplane pilot or a drone, the best bird's eye view of the Cruise is from the Ferndale fire department's big red fire truck on Nine Mile and Woodward. Line up, and the fire boys will take you in the basket where you can see all the way to Pontiac.

If you're looking for a ground's eye view, the Roush Racing parking lot right next door offers plenty of thrills for the kiddies. Roush is offering rides all day in tiny four-wheel scooters. While the kids tear around the lot, the parents can ogle Roush's sensational collection of Mustang race cars. Roush is Ford's race shop and has been preparing winners for years.

A look at the scenes around the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday.

And if Mom and Dad want their own low view, they might want to try any of the low-slung sports cars on the route. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is showing off some of its Chevy racers where Old Woodward and Woodward intersect in Birmingham. Or you can flag down my Detroit News Alfa 4C which will put you right on the ground. With its huge carbon-fiber door sills, it's a struggle for anyone to get in and out.