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Yellow farm truck joins late cruisers on Woodward

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

A yellow 1960 GMC farm truck could be seen driving along Woodward on Sunday along with other cruisers who missed Saturday’s event.

Kelsey von Wormer, the owner, said people could still be seen unofficially cruising Sunday, the day after the Dream Cruise.

The truck was restored to its original lemonade color after von Wormer, 25, found it painted three different shades of blue.

“I found it in 2015 while I was in D.C. and scored it for only $1,500,” she said. “The engine broke down four times as I attempted to drive it back to Detroit.” .

She said friends from the Detroit Bus Co. and Fred’s Key Shop helped her repair the car, giving it all the new fixings but keeping the original 305 V6 engine.

She calls her vintage ride “Gloria” because she said the front of the car reminds her of the hippo named Gloria from the animated movie “Madagascar.”

“I had a job yesterday that kept me from the Dream Cruise and I told them if they want me, they’ll have to pay $85 an hour, thinking they would reject that price, but they said yes ... ,” said von Wormer, who has attended the event every year since 2008.

She said she drives Gloria throughout the year and to major events.

“It’s hilarious to see people’s faces when I drive up to really important events and meetings,” Von Wormer said. That’s the best.”.

Von Wormer of Detroit is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies. She said she’s a landlord and developer in Detroit’s historic districts, so being drawn to classic structures is nothing new.

“I don’t want her to look minted and new,” she said, referring to the truck. “I like old things and it keeps its character.”

She said she plans to paint the truck a wine color with antique white trim and add a new grill.

The worst thing about the truck’s upkeep is electrical and rust maintenance — a constant headache, she said.

Von Wormer also owns a 1974 Honda 554 motorcycle.

“I’ve been going to car shows and vintage races since I was 3 years old. The best thing about the Dream Cruise is the vintage cars, not the new ones,” von Wormer said.