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Redford Twp. — Domino’s, America’s second-largest pizza company, unveiled its new pizza — and breadsticks, and salads, and wings — delivery vehicle to the public at George Matick Chevrolet on Wednesday morning. A week ago, the vehicle, which was years in the making, was revealed at Domino’s corporate headquarters.

“This vehicle makes frequent deliveries,” reads the bumper message on the Domino’s DXP, a Chevy Spark re-branded and specially-tailored to meet the needs of a food delivery venture. Roush built the vehicle, which is branded as Domino’s on its front and back.

Joe Gorski called the DXP “fascinating.” Its vehicle’s capacity — Domino’s said it can hold 80 pizzas — and size appealed to him, along with the co-branding opportunity for two major Southeast Michigan businesses.

“This is great for Chevy and great for Domino’s,” Gorski said.

Several pizzas can fit inside the vehicle’s small warming oven, which takes the place of what would be the backseat of the driver’s side in a normal vehicle. That, in addition to the company’s emphasis on deliveries arriving in 30 minutes or less, is meant to guarantee that each pizza arrives hot. Drivers can press the button of the key fob accompanying the vehicle to open the warming oven hands-free.

Cesare Moretto said the DXP, when it gets on the road “is going to pop in your head, like ‘OK, it’s here now.’”

The DXP is built for one purpose only: the delivery of Domino’s pizzas (and breadsticks, and salads, and wings). There is no passenger seat. There are no back seats. Every inch of the vehicle, outside of the driver’s seat is designed to transport pizza or side dishes. There are little cubby holes carved out so that side dishes and pop don’t slide around during the drive.

Thus far only 100 of the vehicles have been fabricated. They’ll be sent to select Domino’s corporate stores, while franchisees have the option to buy them, which will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000, a Domino’s spokeswoman said. The first batch of vehicles is a pilot run. As the company gets feedback about what works and doesn’t, and as demand grows, more will be produced.

Detroit is the first market to have DXP vehicles on the road.

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