10 things not to buy on Black Friday


Black Friday sales are sure to be plentiful this year, but buyers beware: Not every item is expected to be at its best price Thursday. says these are 10 things to avoid:

Gift cards

No need to purchase cards. A great tip from DealNews is retailers and restaurants frequently offer free gift cards with a minimum purchase, which could be great stocking stuffers or gifts for family and friends.

Final sale items

Sales are great and all, but when purchasing a final sale item often the purchase cannot be returned. When purchasing a gift for the holidays, be sure to remember clothing may not fit or be worth the low price tag.

Fitness equipment

With the new year approaching, fitness gear is more likely to go on sale in January rather than Black Friday.


DealNews suggests waiting until December to buy jewelry when more deals are available; jewelry rarely sees great Black Friday sales.

Holiday decorations

Holiday decorations are often cheaper after the holidays and are marked down for clearance. According to DealNews, Target has offered the greatest discount on holiday items.

Winter gear

The best time to purchase winter gear is in January when the discount price is at least 50 percent off.

Black Friday models

Stick to the essentials this holiday season and buy only items you need. You can end up spending more money than you intended.

Furniture and flooring

According to DealNews, furniture companies tend to release new products in February. Buyers should look for big sales on discounted furniture in January.

If you’re looking to redo the flooring in your home and don’t mind waiting until the new year, companies commonly have flooring deals in January and February.