On the eve of receiving The Billboard Touring Conference’s “Legend of Live” award (happening Thursday), Bob Seger told the industry trade that he's got an album of unreleased treasures, and a tour of “bucket list” venues he wants to play, including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in his plans for 2016. He even talked presidential politics, a bit.

The title for that long-promised album of unreleased gems from the vast Seger unreleased catalog will be “I Knew You When,” he said.

On politics, Seger, 70, said he’s “right down the middle,” although Democrat Hillary Clinton is his favorite. “I really like a lot of the stuff Bernie Sanders says,” Seger said of the avowed “Democratic socialist.”

“ I hope maybe he’ll be her vice president. There are a lot of things on the Republican side, like climate (change) denial, that I'm not big on.” But Seger also gave kudos to Republican Jeb Bush, who he thinks would be “a pretty good president.”

Asked the outdated, cliche question, “what would you to do “fix” Detroit?” the native son retorted that there was a “terrible misperception” about Detroit, that things were actually so bustling that his daughter’s boyfriend couldn’t find a place downtown, “they’re all gone. All the young people are moving in. It’s quite a renaissance story.”

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