Review: ‘Point Break’ redo crashes into the shore

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Major bummer, brah.

“Point Break,” the re-imagined version of the 1991 surfing bank robber classic, can’t hold a meatball sandwich to its source material. Director Ericson Core’s remake has some stunning visuals, but is otherwise as wooden as Keanu Reeves’ acting in the original.

Luke Bracey, who is like a Hemsworth brother by way of Heath Ledger, plays Johnny Utah, an “extreme poly athlete” who joins the FBI after one of his bros dies in a daredevil motocross mishap. He discovers that a group of wanted bank robbers is in search of the “Ozaki Eight,” a global checklist of death-defying feats, and he aims to infiltrate their group and take them down from the inside.

Kathryn Bigelow’s original was both a breathless thrill ride and a campy examination of male relationships. Its action scenes are among the best ever committed to film — dude, seriously — and it was fun enough to inspire a goof-off live production.

This dour version, penned by Kurt Wimmer (who also wrote the “Total Recall” and “The Thomas Crown Affair” remakes), is all show. Only when its characters aren’t skydiving — or surfing, or fighting in underground boxing clubs, or scaling cliffs, or snowboarding, or deep sea diving, or outrunning rock slides on dirt bikes, or wingsuiting — is it clear that there’s no higher consciousness to them or the movie.

Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi was a Zen bro philosophizer with an anti-capitalist agenda, but Edgar Ramirez’ version is aloof rather than enlightened. His master plan is somewhat directionless, and his underling crew never registers.

There are a few nods to the original, but it never catches on the same wave. The first “Point Break” rode the big kahuna; this one’s a wipeout.


‘Point Break’


Rated PG-13: for violence, thematic material involving perilous activity, some sexuality, language and drug material

Running time: 113 minutes