Grapevine: Car crash at Kim Cattrall’s

Michael H. Hodges
The Detroit News

Cattrall house hit

A young girl driving a white Suzuki SUV Tuesday night smashed into the Vancouver Island home owned by one-time “Sex in the City” actress Kim Cattrall, 59. “A senseless 16 yr old driver plowed into my home Joy Riding @ 1 am,” Cattrall tweeted in remarks quoted by Page Six. The blonde bombshell posted pictures of a wrecked white vehicle, airbags deflated, in the midst of what remains of Cattrall’s front door. Remarkably, no one was hurt.

Justin Bieber’s dad pops question

The Biebs, 21, is going to have a new stepmother. The Canadian phenom’s father, Jeremy Bieber, 41, has finally gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Chelsea Robelo, 28, according to In the video posted online, Jeremy gets down on bended knee, and someone off-camera can be heart shouting, “Chelsea, breathe!” Jeremy has three kids from previous relationships.

Garner not bitter over Ben

Jennifer Garner, aka the former Mrs. Ben Affleck, tells Vanity Fair that the family’s one-time nanny had nothing to do with her break-up with the most recent Batman. The two were already separated by the time she heard rumors of an alleged affair between Affleck, 43, and the younger woman, which the former has always denied. “She had nothing to do with our decision to divorce,” Garner told the magazine in the most recent issue. “She was not a part of the equation. Bad judgment? Yes.” Despite the divorce, Garner, 43, says she has no regrets.

Unconventional beauty queen Yolande Fox dies

Miss America 1951, Yolande Betbeze Fox — not your typical beauty queen died of lung cancer Monday in Washington. “There was nothing but trouble from the minute that crown touched my head,” she told the Washington Post in 1969. After being crowned Miss America, Fox refused to tour the country wearing a bathing suit. “I’m an opera singer, not a pinup,” she declared, according to her biography on Her motivation for entering the contest was more for the scholarship opportunity and less to show off her figure. After her reign, she studied philosophy at the New School for Social Research and married former president of Universal Pictures Matthew Fox. The Mobile, Alabama, native was 87.

Peeping Tom trial

“Dancing with the Stars” host and Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews discreetly left a Nashville courtroom Thursday as the jury was shown nude videos a peeping tom shot of her in 2008, People reports. The 37-year-old blond has brought a $75 million civil case against the stalker, Michael Barrett, and others alleging negligence and invasion of privacy. Barrett filmed Andrews through holes he gouged in doors of two hotel rooms Andrews was staying at while covering college football. Barrett pleaded guilty to stalking in 2010 and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison. A reported 16.8 million people saw the videos or still pictures taken from them.



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