Artist Spotlight: May Erlewine

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

A weekly feature showcasing local artists

Name: May Erlewine

Sound: Erlewine writes tunes in the vein of folk, Americana, country and soul. Her latest EP, “The Little Things,” is designed to be a holiday album to lift the spirits of those who have trouble this time of year due to loss.

Musical family: Erlewine is one of more than two dozen artists in the Earthwork Music collective, an Americana record label based in Lake City, Michigan.

Dance party: The Michigan-based songwriter will host a series of EP release and dance parties throughout the state for “The Little Things.” She waltzes into the Ann Arbor Distilling Co., 220 Felch, on Sunday for a concert with a full band. Tickets are $21. Visit mayerlewine.com for more info.

Melody Baetens