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Lansing toddler's 'Jolene' catches Dolly Parton's ear

The Detroit News

Sophia Kingsley may be a toddler, but she knows a hit song when she hears it. The little girl from Lansing captured the hearts of millions around the world, with her rendition of the country standard, "Jolene."

Sophia Kingsley, 2, has gone viral for her rendition of Dolly Parton's Jolene.

Among her fans, legendary singer Dolly Parton herself.

Back in December, mom Brooke Heiler Kingsley captured video of her 2-year-old daughter sitting in her playroom by herself singing out the chorus to the hit song. She uploaded it to Facebook and it soon went viral.

Parton, who released the song in 1974, tweeted her appreciation of Sophia's talent, saying "It warms my heart to see how music reaches the littlest fans!"

The video first was picked up by various country music stations and shared widely on social media. The video of Sophia currently has more than 6 million views on Facebook and a 35,000 more on Youtube.

"It feels really good to know that for a brief 57 seconds my child was able to put a smile on someone else face," Kingsley said in an email. "That's all that matters!"

Sophia's dad Jordan was in a band for years and he plays piano and guitar around the house. Sophia got her love of music from him.  Other than this particular country standard, the toddler loves Disney princess songs and can sing almost every one, says Kingsley.

As far as all the attention and newfound fame, Sophia hasn't noticed it much, because, says mom, "she's a very happy child and is always singing anyway."