‘Dude, I’m still alive,’ Crow sings in new song that mentions Kid Rock’s rumored run for Senate


Sheryl Crow wants everyone to know that she’s still alive, and that Kid Rock’s rumored run for Senate didn’t send her to an early grave.

The performer — a collaborator, close friend and once-rumored girlfriend of Mr. Rock — issued a new song over the weekend in response to a tweet that Crow must be “rolling in her grave” over Rock’s maybe-Senate run. “Dude. I’m still alive,” she tweeted back to Twitter user @TunaCatsup (cool name, guy), and then wrote a song about her status as a still-living human.

The song made several references to Rock’s run for office. “If Kid Rock runs for Senate, I wouldn’t be surprised/ but not over my dead body, ’cause dude, I’m still alive,” she sings. She continues: “Maybe Mr. Ritchie can fix some things for us/ like making sure Detroit is set to make an electric tour bus.” And then: “At least the guy’s not 90 in his 32nd term/ but a pole in the Lincoln bedroom is bound to make some people squirm.”

Sounds like an endorsement to us.

Here are the full lyrics, and a performance of “Dude, I’m Still Alive.”


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