Grapevine: E! host quits upon learning co-host salary

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

E! News anchor quit after finding out co-host’s salary

Catt Sadler, host of “E! News” and daytime show “Daily Pop,” has quit the network because she learned she earned half as much as her co-host, Jason Kennedy. That tidbit was left out of her on-air announcement, during which she called her experience “an absolute dream come true.” Shortly after, however, she got into detail on her personal blog at She revealed that an executive at E! told her that Kennedy — who she did not name in her blog — was making nearly double her salary. “Know your worth,” she wrote. “How can I operate with integrity and stay on at E if they’re not willing to pay me the same as him? Or at least come close?” She concludes her post by writing that she has “an obligation to be an agent for change.”

Michael Jackson sex abuse lawsuit dismissed

This week Los Angelesa Judge Mithcell L. Beckloff ruled against Wade Robson, 35, who was suing two companies owned by Michael Jackson, the remaining defendants in the case. Robson, an Australian choreographer, alleged that Jackson molested him when he was a child. Robson had testified in Jackson’s 2005 criminal trial saying he spent the night at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch more than 20 times and was never molested. Robson then turned around in 2013 after the singer’s death and sued the estate for molestation that spanned seven years, the Associated Press reports. Judge Beckloff said the corporate defendants could not be held responsible, a move Robson’s attorney, Vince Finaldi, told the AP that this sets a dangerous precedent.

Meryl Streep targeted with ‘she knew’ street signs

Posters have begun popping up around Los Angeles with a black and white photo of Meryl Streep with the words “she knew” blocking out her eyes. This comes after fellow actor Rose McGowan called out Streep on Twitter saying “YOUR SILENCE is THE problem,” in a since-deleted tweet. Streep clapped back, saying she was hurt by McGowan’s attack and that she tried to call the actress to no avail. Streep also told the Huffington Post that she wasn’t “deliberately silent.” “I didn’t know” she said, referring to the alleged abuse Harvey Weinstein inflicted on dozens of women. It’s not known who posted the Streep imagry, but some are speaking out against them. “#BelieveWomen — a hallmark of the #MeToo movement — falls apart when you choose which women and which words you believe based on how they fit your agenda,” wrote Chicago Tribute reporter Heidi Stevens, adding that “we’re not holding the men who worked with Weinstein to the same standard.”

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