After years of development, a new action-adventure game for the PlayStation 4 titled “Detroit: Become Human” finally has a release date.

Set in a “dystopian vision of our near future” – according to the PlayStation blog – the single-player game comes out May 25. Sony will release “Detroit: Become Human,” which was developed by Quantic Dream and based on their 2013 PS3 tech demo “Kara.”

In “Detroit,” Kara is one of the game’s human-like android characters with artificial consciousness. According to reports, when one character dies, the game won’t be over, but instead will continue through another character’s story.

In a video posted to the website Game Informer, director of “Detroit: Become Human” David Cage, who is French, says he and his team traveled to Detroit and “really explored the city inside out.”

“Detroit is really a fascinating place,” he said in the video, which was published in 2015. “It’s a great place for industry but also for creative people, for artists of all kinds. We thought, well, if one day an android industry has to appear somewhere, it should be Detroit. It would be a logical place in many, many ways.”

The game’s lead writer Adam Williams told gaming website Game Reactor that the city of Detroit and the decline of the auto industry is important to the story.

“We chose Detroit because it was once the capital of the car industry, with Ford Motors,” he said in a story published in November. “During the first industrial revolution in America, Detroit became one of the major cities in the country due to the most cars being there. When the industry moved on to other cities and countries, the companies abandoned Detroit, and the city shrank and suffered from it. Huge areas where these factories were are now empty.”

Williams said that, in the game, the company that manufactures the androids, Cyber-Life, chooses Detroit to settle in.

“And just as with automobiles in the past, in our universe Detroit has once again become the pillar of the second industrial revolution of the United States of America and the world.”

Previews and trailers for the award-winning game, which had a development budget of $30 million, have revealed it to have mature, graphic themes. The game was criticized after a trailer was released last year depicting the game’s portrayal of abuse against a 10-year-old girl and an android woman.

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