Keith Richards quit drinking

Seen any flying pigs lately? Notorious imbiber Keith Richards told Rolling Stone magazine that he's pretty much stopped drinking. "It's been about a year now," said the Rolling Stones' guitarist, who will be 75 on Tuesday. “I pulled the plug on it. I got fed up with it.” He admits to still enjoy the occasional glass of wine or beer, but "it was time to quit," he said. "Just like all the other stuff." Band mate Ronnie Wood, who got sober in 2010, described Richards as "much more mellow" since he kicked the sauce. 

Ellen DeGeneres says wife de Rossi wants her to end show

In an in-depth interview with the New York Times, comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres said she was close to declining to extend her show's contract until the summer of 2020. She told the paper that her brother, Vance DeGeneres, wants her to stay on air, but that her wife, Portia de Rossi, "gets mad when my brother tells me I can't stop." De Rossi was in the room for the interview and clarified. "I just think she's such a brilliant actress and stand-up that it doesn't have to be this talk show for her creativity," she said. "There are other things she could tackle." She added that she doesn't consider the end of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" as career ending. DeGeneres, 60, is preparing to release a new stand-up special, her first in 15 years. 

CBS settles suit with Charlie Rose accusers

Lawyers for three women who accuse television news host Charlie Rose of sexual harassment and misconduct have dropped the case, according to reports. The issues have been settled out of the courtroom, but a CBS News spokesperson told Page Six that the settlement amount is confidential at the plaintiffs' request. The women, Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal and Chelsea Wei, may have dropped their case with CBS, but their suit against Rose continues. He's accused of touching them inappropriately and demanding kisses. According to court papers, the women complained to the company, but Rose was never disciplined. 

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