Cedar Point will feature a new boat ride when it opens in 2020, its 150th season, officials said Wednesday.

Dubbed Snake River Expedition, the attraction will involve a river adventure.

Park officials made the announcement Wednesday during an event at Cedar Point that was livecast on YouTube.

The ride calls back to the Western Cruise and paddle boat rides in the park's past, they said. Riders will interact with animatronic machines and real-life actors. 

"We have really cool boats that were built specifically for Cedar Point," said Colleen Brady, Cedar Point's director of park operations. "We got a little bit of history, a little bit of new.

"The best thing about these boats is that everybody can ride them."

Lisa Jones, the park's show director, said guests will also be directly involved in the action of the ride.

"It'll start before riders get on and will continue throughout the ride," she said. "There's different characters. There might be smugglers, you never know. As you're traveling through this expedition, they'll interact with you. It's pretty exciting"

Jason McClure,vice president and general manager of Cedar Point said the park couldn't celebrate its 150th anniversary without a new ride.

"We wanted a ride that complimented our history and engaged the whole family together with Cedar Point," he said.

McClure also said in honor of the park's 150th year, the company will be giving away 150 admission tickets for life. Starting in February, park-goers can register to win one of the tickets, which also covers parking.

In addition, each winner will be able to select three family members or friends to also receive free admission to the park for the rest of their lives, he said.

"The 150th anniversary is about people, it's about our guests," McClure said. "We wouldn't have been here 150 years without them." 

The company also announced a new nighttime celebration along the Main Midway, new food items, new merchandise and souvenirs and a revamped Town Hall with a look at Cedar Point's history.

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is owned by Cedar Fair LP. The company also owns Michigan’s Adventure and Knott’s Berry Farm.

Cedar Point boasts being the "Roller Coaster Capital of the World" and has 70 rides, including 17 roller coasters.

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